a Demonstration of the Power of the Mind

Conscious and Unconscious thoughts matter

I believe firmly in the whole mind, body and spirit connection thing. This incredible trinity functions together more than we even can begin to imagine. If you want to make something happen, have a transformation or just experience more ease in life; you can’t over look the power of this link.

I want to share a profound real life experience that demonstrated the power the brain has on our body and what we can do. If you think you can’t – you body responds with you can’t, whether it’s a conscious or programed unconscious thought and belief.

OK here’s my story.

I recently torn my Achilles Tendon and had surgery to repair it. By the way one of the worst and most challenging physical things I have gone through in a very long time. Physical Therapy has been amazing for my recovery process. Each time I go, I can see and feel vast improvements.

Now, back to my mind-body miracle in action. Heel raises on my injured left side have been nearly impossible. It’s like my brain sends signal to lift my heel and the body just doesn’t respond. I now have a small idea of the frustration of what being partially paralyzed must be like.

Well in my last session my therapist had me lean hands against the wall then lift my right leg and attempt to lift my left heel. It barely came off ground ½ inch and it hurt like hell. Then my therapist had me switch. Lift the left leg and use my good healthy right leg to do heel raises. No surprise, I could easily do this until the cows come home. Then she said, “Switch.” To my utter amazement my left heel raises were vastly improved with very little pain and discomfort.

What the heck just happened here?

Somehow my mind communicated to my body that it was possible, after the success on the right. The power of unconscious conditioning was in action. Mind-body connection is real people. My brain took over and sent the signals of success to my left side after experiencing the right side success. It over wrote what my conscious thoughts of being injured, or feeling like it was hard to do.

How to get by those programed unconscious thoughts – by having real experiences that disprove or dismantle it.

After witnessing such a incredible results – this let me know even if we are capable of doing something, but don’t believe, it just won’t happen. No matter how hard we try – like my heel raises, But if we experience one small win, like my right side, we can go back and conquer what we once thought was  not possible.

Moral of this all – your mind is a powerful tool. Conscious and Unconscious thoughts powered by your beliefs, dictate what you are able to do or not do. Mind and Body indeed work together. Unconscious thoughts are powerful and get programmed in many times without any effort through our random thoughts, life experiences and observations. Sort of like osmosis – what you see, think, experience, feel and observe just goes in and affects us bypassing our conscious filters and desires. Wanting it to happen may not be enough to override our unconscious programed believes, without physical proof.

PS this blew my mind wide open….!