Declaring resolutions and setting goals can be a great roadmap to help you achieve what you really want and desire. Clarity is good, but let’s be honest most resolutions get abandoned a couple weeks after the big bell tolls midnight. Why not try something new – like having a theme for your year!

I believe the practice of setting INTENTIONS is one of the most powerful and MAGICAL ways to jump into the New Year. A fantastic way to do that, is to create a THEME for the year. Creating a theme is about choosing a single word or small phrase that becomes your focused intention. This theme acts as a guide for everything you do during the coming year. When I consciously focus my attention on my theme  in a relaxed and positive way – MAGICAL things happen with seemly very little effort.

Here’s what I suggest you do to create your own THEME for 2017. 

  • Carve some time out where you can have the space to be still and quite.  Ask yourself what you really desire for yourself? What would you like to be different? What is the thing you feel would make the most impact for you if you could transform it? Think about what might be holding you back, then ask yourself what yearly theme would give the biggest  breakthrough in that area.


I am really hard on myself and strive for perfection, which actually sabotages my work. I get stuck and second guess myself, so things don’t get done – theme the year of TRUST 

I get caught up in what shouldn’t be and resist what is, so much so that it steals the joy and magic from my life – theme the year of ACCEPTANCE

I want several things to happen this year, cuz I really desire to change my circumstances – theme the year of EXPANSION

I feel a bit lonely and almost given up finding ‘the one’, but I really want someone special in my life – theme the year of LOVE

  • Now that you have a theme, write it down, declare it, and share it often with important people in your life. Use it as your mantra and let it be your powerful intention that inspires action and brings you magical results.
  • Make it a practice. Focus on it and bring attention to it regularly in ways that work for you.
    • If you like to write, get a journal and dedicate it to your theme. Write what you feel and experience related to your theme a least once a week. Bonus scored, if you write daily.
    • If you are visual, create a vision board. Find images or words that resonate and relate to your theme. Place them on your board around the words “my theme for 2017 is _______” and display it someplace prominent you will see daily.
    • During meditation or quite times bring your theme to mind and allow your focus to go there without any preconceived agenda. Notice what shows up and be on lookout for inspired ways to get into action.

I would love to know your theme for 2017 – please share it with me here or on my Facebook page. If you feel stuck in choosing a powerful intention filled theme for the New Year, let me help. We can do a mini Quick Fix Session and work it out.


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