It’s all about paying attention to the little things…

I have to share something that occurred to me over the last few days. It would have been something that I could have easily overlooked and totally dismissed as happen stance. Instead I feel like I stumbled upon an Instant Manifestation Secret, my power to make MAGIC happen in simple everyday life occurrences.

I was walking home from the gym the other day and having one of those conversations in my head. You know the ones, where you speak without speaking and answer yourself without talking. Well, during my one-woman chat, I was reviewing my workout I just had. I felt it was good and happy to keep my commitment of just getting a workout done, but wanted a bit more. I have been doing the cardio equipment faithfully and happy to reach my 100% activity goal levels on my fitness watch

I was ready for a bigger challenge. I said to myself, “I would like to get my heart rate a bit higher than the 130 range.” This is the average I get from being on those machines. I then responded to myself “the only time you get higher than 130 is when you teach cycle.” I replied “I wish I could push myself to that level, like I did when I taught cycle.” That was the end of the mini dialog as I turned the corner for my block. My mind then switched to getting in from the cold and on to the next thing.

The next day I got up and was going about my daily routine without any focus or thought about my walk home the day before. I jumped in the shower and prepared to head out to a client site, when I glanced at my phone. I got text message asking to sub a cycle class at 6pm. Wow, I thought to myself, “how funny.” I was just reminiscing about teaching cycle and declared my desire to up my workout intensity. Now notice this is the point where most people dismiss the MAGIC and chalk it up to coincidence. I did just that for a second. Until I shared my story with someone, I began to see it as true example of instant manifestation. I began to wonder and ponder:

  • What made this so different?

  • Why was it so easy and effortless?

  • How can I do this again and again?

The answers that occurred for me were:

  • We are always creating MAGIC – we just don’t notice.
  • Make a wish for something you desire, but let go of Attachments and Expectations
  • Find the REAL thing you wish for by the WHY of it, not the What
  • Allow it come without judging and trying to control the What, How and When of it
  • Don’t focus on the WANTING
  • Ask, Allow and Let Go
  • Pay attention to the little things and be aware of Magic, when it shows up.

Let’s break that down a little for you. For me I believe the Magic occurred because I wanted to increase the level of my workouts, not that I wanted to teach cycle. I had no expectations or attachments, just a desire. My wish was fueled by my WHY – of getting to the next level of fitness for myself and being ready for that to happen. It came to me as a simple wish. I acknowledged it, I associated it with an experience of teaching cycle and as quickly as it came, I let it go and went back to the business of living my life.

Less than 24 hours later – TADA!–  Magic happened. I was teaching cycle and got my heart rate over 150. Talk about instant manifestation in action. I left elated and satisfied. I am happy that I acknowledged this magical moment and shared it with you.

Now go out and make some MAGIC happen in your life! Share your stories with me here or on Facebook. Want a little coaching to fine-tune the process, book a session with me and let’s do it.