Governing Values

Your Guide to More Meaning & Satisfaction

Have you ever had a sinking feeling nudging or signaling to you that something is off?

This uncomfortable feeling tells us that not all is good with the life, right now. We feel out-of-whack or a bit discombobulated. These feelings can become a source of stress, anxiety and unhappiness. This is a sign that you are not in alignment. This misalignment has something to do with your Values.

When our thoughts, actions and words are aligned with our values, life is generally good and we feel content, confident and satisfied. I call that being in Integrity with the highest part of your self. But when our behaviors don’t match up with our values, we soon begin to sense an uneasiness that begins to grow inside of us.

Regardless if we recognize them or not, values do naturally exist. Our lives can become less stressful, and more productive, when we acknowledge our personal values – and then make the attempt to live by and honor these values in our choices, actions and way of life.

What are Values?

VALUES – are simply what really matters to you, a measure of worth or importance you place on something. Governing Values are your top values that actually shape your life. Your core values or governing values become the guiding principles that dictate behaviors and actions. By choosing to live in accordance with your values, life will feel more satisfying and meaningful to you.

VALUES guide me and shape my priorities, choices and actions. They serve as my markers to tell me if my life is heading in the right direction or if it’s time to make a course adjustment.

Oddly enough most of us have never taken the time to really become clear or aware of what we truly value. We all have them, but don’t really pay attention to them when it comes making important decisions. They are just sort of there, running in the background. Becoming consciously aware and choosing your top values can add greater joy and fulfillment in what you do and how you do it. It is a powerful driving force that becomes your WHY. Your “WHY” becomes the foundation for building your Intentions, Goals and Actions that create a life you LOVE.

Making a deliberate and conscious attempt to identity which values are the most important is needed, to keep your anxiety and stress levels low and your happiness and sense of personal worth and self-awareness high. So let’s do it.

Download the Values Worksheet – by clicking HERE.