As you journey through life you will have many needs, wants, wishes and desires. The thoughts of having more money, a better job, a nicer home, amazing loving relationships, a thinner healthier body, greater joy and satisfaction are goals we can all relate to. Your desire to experience or have these needs and wants fulfilled becomes your targeted goal.

You may not know how to achieve the specific goal or get to the end result. Let alone, know what the steps to take to actually make that wish come true. The power in manifesting anything is not just in wanting something to happen, but leaning how to focus your intention. Focusing your Intention is directing your attention and energy to achieve your true goal or desired outcome, while leaving room for MAGIC to take over.

Focusing your Intention is the key to getting what you really want in life. Learn the 5-step process to harness the power of Focused Intention. Below is the simple 5-step process to start you on the path to getting what you want.

  1. Get Clear Then Write it Down. First, take some time to get clear about what you want and why you may want it. You also want to turn your dreams, goals or desires into focused intention.

Take your actual want and ask yourself “who do I need to BE in order to achieve this?” and/or “what is the core element of what I truly want?” This process can help to flush out any of the fears or doubts that hold you back from actually achieving your goal. This is now your Focused Intention. You can really get behind and embrace the Focused Intention fully without sabotaging it.


 Goal – I want to earn more money this year & double my income

                        Why – to be free of worry and stress

Focused Intention – Abundance and Freedom

The power of writing things down is incredible. You get to use multiple areas of your brain, which allows it to take root deep into your subconscious mind. Any idea is fleeting in the moment. Once written down that idea starts to take shape and form to become reality.

  1. Visualize it, Feel it, Enjoy it. Spend some time, at least 10-15 minutes visualizing your desire as already a done deal. Close your eyes imagine what life is like having your goal and focused intention be realized. Get into this process fully.  Notice the feelings that come up, sensations in your body, thoughts you are having, sounds you may hear, and anything else you might be experiencing. Enjoy and bask fully in the satisfaction of getting what you want. This helps make it real for you and locks it deep in your subconscious mind as accomplished.
  1. Say it, Share it, and Declare it. A dream, goal or desire lives in our language. What we say out loud becomes our reality. Once you start to say it and declare it to others, you send it on its way to becoming real. The power of your words is incredible. The more you share it, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the faster it will come.
  1. Take Appropriate Action Let’s face it, if all you had to do is dream up what you wanted and spoke it into existence, we would all be rich, in love and happy. The thing that is required next, is to put energy into motion. By taking actions, you start to bring your dream to life. Do you have to learn something? Talk to someone? Take certain steps? – Then like Nike says – JUST DO IT!
  1. Let Go and Allow the Magic to Happen OK this is the one that most people get wrong or totally miss. We set out Intentions, get excited, share them with the world, take appropriate action – but nothing comes. We then get discouraged, frustrated, and resentful and eventually give up.

Remember MAGIC is a science we just don’t quite understand, yet. In order for it to happen, you have to let go of how and when of what you think it “should be.” Let go of preconceived expectations, or any expectations for that matter. TRUST the process and ALLOW it to magically happen. I promise you will get the essence your true Intention, even if it’s not your original specific desired goal. The universe will deliver. It just might come wrapped in an unusual package at the perfect moment. Or the exact thing you wanted just not in the timing you requested. But nonetheless you can see the amazing gift it truly is.


So get to it and make some MAGIC happen in your life! Share the results with me here or on my Facebook page. If you want some help in any of these steps, reach out for a coaching session.