the QUICK fix

the QUICK fix is for those moments where stress, anxiety, over-whelm, sadness or just lives every day challenges get to you and you want to let it go and move forward with more ease, joy, power and grace. So pick up the phone and in 15-30 minutes let’s FIX it.


the SHIFT is a transformation session focusing on something you want to change, let go, heal, be free from – in order to BE and DO anything you desire. This one session 2-4 hours has the ability to ROCK your world. Addressing what needs shifting one three levels – Mind, Body and Spirit.

Make it Happen

Make it Happen is all about you and what you want in your life. Each of us has different goals, wants and desires, but many of us don’t look at what stops us from achieving them. In this 3 month journey we set goals, breakthrough what holds you back, shed old habits & beliefs that no longer serve us, create new strategies that make life work.

POWER partnership

the POWER partnership is a program for those of you that are up to BIG things in life. This is not for everyone. It is a 6-12 month serious commitment to propel you into the LIFE you were meant to live. I become your partner as your coach. You will soar to new heights as you take your life to the next level.